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Quality Antenna Services in Newcastle

Hunter Valley Antenna Service has been providing high quality antenna services to thousands of clients in Port Stephens, Maitland and Newcastle for more than 30 years.
Even though we have always been specialists in family home antenna installation, the need to adapt is mandatory in this industry. We are proud to offer a wide array of services to assist our clients with their television needs.
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We serve a variety of commercial clients including local, state and federal governments, major companies, age care facilities, electrical business and roofing contractors.
The services we offer have evolved as the demand for digital television has risen. One of our staple services is digital television antenna installation.
To ensure that you get the highest quality results possible, we have partnered with trusted brands like Hills Digital, GME Kingray and Matchmaster, all of which offer competitively priced products. We also offer extra outlets for all necessary cables and boosters.
As part of our digital signal maintenance, our fault detection services can help trace minor issues, such as pixilation, before they become bigger problems.
While it’s normal to encounter a pixelated screen in a digital television system, it is important to find the cause before it escalates into an unfixable problem such as a dead pixel.
Some reasons behind this technical issue include:
  • Poor condition of antenna system
  • Overloading of antenna system
  • Poor signal
  • Poor quality coaxial cabling
  • Faulty set top box/digital receiver
There are a variety of reasons why it pays to have a professional antenna technician take care of your television needs.
Antenna Beside The House — Antenna Services in Salamander Bay, NSW
Technician Holding Antenna — Antenna Services in Salamander Bay, NSW
At Hunter Valley Antenna Service, we can provide reception improvement by quality checking your antenna’s condition, installing digital set top boxes and tuning your television system.
We also install streaming services such as Stan and Netflix.
We also take care of insurance work for all major insurance companies.
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Ask about the discounts available for NSW Senior Card holders and pensioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we give free quotes?
Yes! Hunter Valley Antenna Service covers a large area including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens. If you require a quotation, we will arrange to be in your area in the near future.

What antenna would be best suited to our area?
A single UHF antenna covers all transmitters in the Hunter Valley region. For fringe areas we recommend the full panel phased array antenna (often called the toaster rack antenna). In some fringe areas you may need a booster for very weak signals. In good reception areas a half panel or a small Yagi antenna would be sufficient.

How experienced are our staff?
We have more than 30 years of experience in the television antenna industry successfully changing government departments, corporations, and thousands of residential homes and units from the now obsolete analogue to digital television. We are up to speed with the latest skills required in the ever-changing television industry. We are Workcover endorsed and TAFE qualified.

Is Hunter Valley Antenna Service Insured?
Yes. Our company carries $20,000,000 public liability insurance coverage well above most companies in our field.

What payment methods are available to our clients?
Cash, Cheque and Direct Deposit.